Spirit at Work. What does that mean? More and more, you hear about wellness in the workplace, including work-life balance. Also, mindfulness is becoming mainstream, even at large companies such as Google and Facebook. It is now influencing executive decision making. More presence leads to better decisions and an increase in creativity. The pressure to maximize profits usually gets in the way, especially here in Silicon Valley.  Isn’t a more suitable name Stress Valley?

Now consider small business owners and freelancers. It is said small business is the heart of a capitalistic society and the motor that drives the American economy. More and more, small business owners are getting squeezed by large corporations.  Workers lose sight of their dreams and visions.

Is there another way to approach the situation? Is it possible to compete without sacrificing our dreams and goals?  Can society as a whole change so that no longer is profits at all cost the norm?  If it is, won’t spirit play a big role in that?  Business is a great environment to allow workers to learn about themselves, grow and heal. Zentrepreneurial.com is a place to help one do that!

This is a hands-on approaching to small business consulting.  There is counseling, teaching and business development.  Rather than telling you what to do, it’s more about working together side-by-side and talking like old friends.  Learning is more natural and growth is more sustainable.  There is a general understanding such as “this works”.   It is often said it’s all about asking the right questions aka “functional” questions.  These come up organically and naturally.  Do you want to tap into this?  Are you getting this from your current supporting cast?  Feel free to ask any questions or make a comment or request.